At first I was hesitant to use the name “The Shepherd’s Daughter” for this blog.  It seemed so, well, presumptuous. But the Lord IS my Shepherd and He is also my Father! So I guess that makes me “The Shepherd’s Daughter!” (And if you belong to the Shepherd, then YOU are His son or daughter, too!)

I love spending time with Him in His fields of grace. I’m most fulfilled when I’m helping to nurture and feed His flock. This blog is an attempt to step out in response to His call to teach and write.

I currently enjoy life with Him on the windy high plains of Wyoming. Our little “Home on the Range” is feeling a bit smaller these days, as all three of our delightful daughters have grown up and left the fold. At the same time, our family is growing–we’ve gained two wonderful sons-in-law! (Although I prefer to call them my sons “in-grace!”)

I’m a recovering chocoholic, and an avid tea drinker. I’d like nothing better than to sit down with you over a “cuppa” and hear what the Shepherd is doing in your  life. But since that may not be possible, please feel free to leave me a comment! I promise to reply!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Shelley,
    Sister Sue and I are sitting in the hospital waiting room reminiscing about your days in Boulder. She just told us the story of the day she was driving through California on her way to Bakersfield, making a tape for you, and was approached by a car load of strangers. She incorporated her mysterious encounter into your recording in case it provided a clue to her impending abduction. Apparently all went well.

    Hope you’re well. We speak of you often when ever we get together.


  2. John! What a fun surprise to get this comment from you! Was literally just praying for your mom and family! I will look forward to hearing how the surgery went and will be praying for her recovery. So glad you are able to be there with her and with Sue! And yes, I do remember that tape–haha! Made me laugh to think of that after all this time! Love to all of you today!

  3. Shelley,

    Read what you wrote about Doug B. I did not realize how much he had influenced your life and it was a joy to read. You write beautifully. I have been thinking of you a lot lately and hope to call soon. It has been too long since talking. I would love a cup of tea and a long visit. Your daughters are beautiful and I pray all is well with you all. With much love and very fond memories. Joan

  4. Joan,

    What a fun surprise to read this comment from you! Thank you for dropping in and for reading my tribute to Doug. Of course, you know YOU are also one of “those people” in my life! A visit over a cup of tea would definitely be a delight! Maybe next time you’re in CO? In the meantime a phone chat would be wonderful! I think of you often with fondness and gratitude! Thanks again for your “visit” here! His love and mine, Shelley

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