On Vacation!

Well, not exactly.

It may be summer, but I’m still here.  I thought you might like to know that, in case you’ve been concerned about this absentee blogger.  And in case you thought I had run off to some exotic, beachfront locale.  No need for worry.  Or jealousy.

I have, however, embarked on another kind of journey, right in front of my computer screen.  I’ve been researching and writing the material for a nine-week class I’m teaching at my church!  The class, which commenced this week, is called “Foundations:  Christian Living” and explores the practical “how-to’s” of a vibrant life in Christ.

I’ve never been much of a beach person.  (Fair skin and sun do not coexist happily.)  So, I’ll be spending my summer floating on a sea of study, wading in pools of preparation, and basking in the light of God’s Word!  Now that’s MY idea of some serious summer fun! 

I’ll try and post some highlights of my “summer project” on here as it unfolds, so you can dive in with me too, if you like!

Well, now that I’ve checked in, I’ve gotta go! 

It’s time for a “swim!”


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