A Little More Like Heaven

I spent the summer of 1983 on a mission project in the inner city of Chicago.

On Sundays, I was privileged to attend a lovely black church.

They talked a lot about Heaven there.

They sang about Heaven.

They prayed about…Heaven.

I wondered if this was because Earth hadn’t felt very much like Home.

I wanted to be like them, more Heavenly-minded.

But that didn’t come naturally to me.

Because Earth, for the most part, had been a very comfortable Home for me.

With recent events, I’ve felt great sadness over this contrast in our earthly experiences.

My black brothers and sisters, I’m grieved that this planet has too often felt inhospitable at best, and inhumane at worst.

That this should be your experience is so very, very wrong.

You deserve better.

I know one day we’ll all be together in Heaven.

Every race, tribe, and tongue, worshiping the One who suffered every wrong in order to make everything right.

Thank you for teaching me to long for that Glorious Day.

But until then, I vow to do my part to make Earth feel a little more like Heaven, and a lot less like Hell, for you.

You deserve nothing less.

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