Chip and The Flip

Target ExpressIt’s not every day you get The Bird.

Some days it’s for honking at an angry driver.

Other days it’s for telling someone that God loves them.

Laurel and I were checking out at our local Target this afternoon.  We chose cashier Chip’s line, since it was the shortest.  And because we like Chip.

Chip has worked at Target for as long as I can remember.  I don’t know his story.  He is efficient and polite, but he seems to be somewhat mentally impaired.  He repeats himself constantly.

“Welcome to Target.  Thank you very much.  Sorry for the wait.  Will this be all?  Sorry for the wait.  Thank you very much.  God bless.”

It was this last statement that got a rise out of the customer in front of us today.  As the gentleman gathered his red and white bag and prepared to leave, he pointed his finger at an unassuming and unsuspecting Chip and said,

“If you can say ‘God bless,’ then I can say ‘God is dead.'”

Laurel and I stood there, stunned.  Chip appeared flustered.  I felt compelled to intervene.  So I called out after the man as he exited the store:

“God still loves you!”

He answered with a raised middle finger.

Well, then.

Chip thanked me for standing with him.  I thanked him for blessing people.  I thought his response was profound:

“I have to stand with God.  He created me.  I will always stand with God.”

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. (1 Corinthians 1:27, NIV)

Keep up the good work, Chip.

I am not ashamed to stand with you.

And God is not ashamed to be called your God.*

*From Hebrews 11:16.

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8 thoughts on “Chip and The Flip

  1. Amen!! I love to see Chip at Target!!

  2. I knew Chip when I taught at East High. His father Woody Halverson was the LCCC men’s basketball coach for many years. Yes, Chip does struggle with some mental disabilities like Joel, but Chip is just a humble servant who loves to bless others. It never ceases to amaze me how mean some people can be, thanks for standing with Chip. I love the 1 Corinthians 1:27 verse. It amazes me how Joel can bring out the best in others, I think this happens for Chip too most of the time. I pray God ‘s blessing on Chip and on the man who flew the bird, I pray he could willingly raise all his fingers one day in praise of the God who loves him. Thanks for the post, Shelley. Loran

  3. Loran, thanks for reading and commenting. (Beth too!) I appreciate the information and your insights!

    And I LOVE this –> “I pray he could willingly raise all his fingers one day in praise of the God who loves him.”


  4. Great post Shelley(like usual).
    Chip is one of my favorite checkers at target. I will stand with Chip also. We should all be praying for the guy who did the flipping. Love Loran’s response-praying for him to be raising all fingers to his Creator in praise! So good!!

  5. Patti Waddell

    How awesome that The Lord had you behind that man in Chip’s line so you could stand with him. Chip is my friend – we always share a hug when I go thru his line. He is a simple man with a kind heart.

  6. Patti, I’m so happy to hear that he is your friend! I was humbled by his faith and honored to share that moment with him.

  7. Excellent! How sad for the man to be so harsh to Chip. Makes you wonder what horrible things have fallen on this man to be so cold.

  8. Good for you, and Chip, and God! I love his and your boldness! I, too, wish to always stand with God. Wonderful example. I pray for this man as well; he needs God’s love I’m sure more than we know.

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