Answers and Abundance

Lately I have been overwhelmed as God has answered specific prayers and surprised me with unexpected blessings.  My cup overflows!

What follows is today’s entry from my daily devotional.  I thought I’d share since it echoes my recent experiences and captures the essence of abundant life in Him.  Plus, He expresses it much more eloquently than I can!  Enjoy and be encouraged!

     “I am a God of both intricate detail and overflowing abundance.  When you entrust the details of your life to Me, you are surprised by how thoroughly I answer your petitions.  I take pleasure in hearing your prayers, so feel free to bring Me all your requests.  The more you pray, the more answers you can receive.  Best of all, your faith is strengthened as you see how precisely I respond to your specific prayers.

       Because I am infinite in all My ways, you need not fear that I will run out of resources. Abundance is at the very heart of who I AM.  Come to Me in joyful expectation of receiving all you need–and sometimes much more!  I delight in showering blessings on My beloved children.  Come to Me with open hands and hearts, ready to receive all I have for you.”

(From Jesus Calling by Sarah Young)

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